Communicate when nature threatens

Last week I said “Allowing perceptions to percolate in our guests’ minds without updates is dangerous not only for this year’s success, but for future years as well.” Part of your job is to set guests’ minds at ease by giving them the advice they need to make considered decisions during situations they’re unaccustomed to. […]

Producing Trust

photo credit: audreyjm529 Last time (in the context of being trusted, and what a business must do to re-establish trust), I talked briefly about vendors who announce software years before they plan to ship it, including firms that never ship what they’ve announced and taken payment for. On occasion, early announcements are a legal requirement […]

It Starts With Trust

photo credit: Andrew Morrell Photography Earning, retaining and regaining the trust of your customers has been central to this blog from the beginning. We talk about a lot of different things that all come down to creating an atmosphere of trust with your clientele. That trust will build a relationship and that relationship, even if […]

Hi, my name is TriFold Brochure. Not.

photo credit: Sukanto Debnath The primary message / goal / mission of this blog is that you and your business need to create a more personal connection with your clients. To that end, someone asked me this morning about the website work that I do. We talked briefly about the technology (because that someone was […]