Who I follow on Twitter (and why) for June 2010

photo credit: emma.kate It’s #FF (follow Friday) again, which means it’s time to point you at a few folks that I find interesting on Twitter. If you love bacon, or unique gift soaps and the like, give @SweetSoaps a follow. Their #1 product was spawned from a Twitter conversation. Yes, people *really do* use Twitter […]

Who I follow on Twitter and Why for May 2010

photo credit: foxspain Follow Friday (yes, I realize it’s Sunday) time is here again, so let’s get at it. I follow @hildygottlieb for a number reasons. I’ve known her for a long time (even though we’ve never met) and we talk (via twitter or email) several times a week. We have a habit of asking […]

Who I follow on Twitter – and Why

photo credit: Tambako the Jaguar I‘ll likely start updating this list with a new post every week or 3, but you have to start somewhere. I follow… @ElijahManor because he always has amazing jQuery (and related webdev) links. @MatthewRayScott for a couple of reasons. He not only makes my marketing head twitch, but he has […]

The Social Media Scoreboard

photo credit: shoothead You’ve probably seen people on Twitter or Facebook yammering about “Wow, I only need 17 more followers or fans to hit 2000” (or  10000 or whatever). If you’ve used Twitter, you know that there’s a curve there and when you round it, it’s like drinking from a firehose. Stowe Boyd talks a […]

Overheard in the frozen food section: What’s all that crap you post on Facebook?

photo credit: Mads Boedker Last night in the grocery store, 2 moms stopped me in the frozen food section. I thought I was safe since their kids swim with mine on the Columbia Falls Swim Team. As I stood embarrassingly close to the frozen sausage and egg biscuits and pre-fab hamburger patties, they did it… […]

Wonder: The Value of Twitter

photo credit: brew127 You may look at social media as a toy, a giant time sink, or something marginally valuable. Or something else entirely. Me? I find it an amazing tool, particularly Twitter. As @GaryVee noted yesterday in the video conversation between he and Robert Scoble, Twitter lets you do something essential for free that […]

What do a Nebraska farmer and Paypal Australia have in common?

photo credit: KM Photography.. For one, both are using various forms of social media to expand their business, find new customers and communicate with existing ones. In some cases, they might never have communicated directly with the customer who way down the commerce chain actually consumes their product. Now, they can and do – even […]

Is real-time fast enough for you?

I thought I’d provide a few Twitter stories for you today – call it Twitter Thursday if you like. First, a baker who uses Twitter to notify people what’s baking, what’s ready, etc. Customizable via the BakerTweet website, it takes a twist of a knob and a push of a button and you’re done. Obviously […]

Dude, I caught your wife cheating last night at…

photo credit: Renneville Imagine you’re talking with a prospect or client on the phone and right before the critical word or phrase that almost always closes the deal, you suddenly hang up. You’d never do that, right? Would make it kinda hard to close the sale, don’t you think? Thing is, your email, social media […]

15 percent of sales from a zero cost Twitter promo? Tweet-za, Tweet-za!

photo credit: David Paul Ohmer A New Orleans-based pizza chain using Twitter-only specials to attract new customers in real-time? You might guess that it’d never work. Twitter’s just a toy that people use to share what they had for lunch. More accurately, Twitter offers a way for a pizza restaurant to give people a reason […]