5 ways to entice customers to spend their tax rebate check at your small business

The news is full of stories talking about the things businesses are doing to try and get their paws on your U.S. Federal tax rebate check. Wal-Mart is cashing the Federal tax rebate checks for free, making it easy to spend the money in their store. photo credit: skippy13 Kroger, Sears and others are enticing […]

David Apple wastes no time, passes Goliath Wal-Mart in music sales

Just a few days ago, I was talking about iTunes passing Amazon and Best Buy in 2007 total music sales. That’s all kinds – CD and downloaded music. Didn’t take long for that to become old news. On Tuesday, a leaked Apple memo shows that January 2008 music industry numbers from NPD indicates that Apple […]

Why should a small business sell gift cards?

photo credit: JasperYue In 2007, $60 billion in gift cards were purchased, amounting to 12% of gift sales during the holidays, according the retail industry sources that track this sort of thing. $26.3 billion worth of gift cards were sold in November and December 2007 alone. How many did you sell? Some Wal-Mart stores have […]

Amazon launches their weapon of mass destruction, steps on the long tail of independent authors

photo credit: pingnews.com People continue to have this idea that companies like Wal-Mart, Amazon, Apple, IBM, Starbucks and Microsoft are bulletproof. Folks, it just isn’t so. You might also have thought that UCLA was bulletproof Thursday night against Western Kentucky in the NCAA Tournament, except that no one told WKU about it. Top-seeded UCLA pulled […]

Wal-Mart bails out of Hamilton, won’t build SuperCenter

According to a story in this week’s Bitterroot Star, Wal-Mart has withdrawn their SuperCenter project in Hamilton. Per the Greg Lemon story, company officials indicated that pulling out of Hamilton was due to a company-wide restructuring and slowdown of Wal-Mart SuperCenter expansion plans. “We’re just taking a step back and kind of withdrawing for now.” […]

Is your business ready for disruptive events?

No, I don’t mean the collapse of the global economy, oil prices over $150 a barrel, or even worse, Starbucks closing for three hours. I mean truly disruptive things in your business. The easy example is fuel. Increased fuel prices are similarly disruptive to a multitude of businesses, but that has been analyzed to death […]

Wal-Mart Nation: Is anxiety over box stores taking over your life?

Brian Clark over at Copyblogger called out bloggers today, asking them to take a headline from the metrosexual magazine “Details” and rewrite it (along with a blog post) for something that works on your blog. He did this not long ago with Cosmopolitan headlines, and that was fruitful for anyone who writes their own blog, […]

The National Retail Federation “Give them a cookie” tax

Unbelievable. I received my DM News (Direct Marketing News) this week and right on the front page, above the fold, is a story about the National Retail Federation board of directors lobbying government officials to “provide a relief package for retailers”. Eh? Why in the world would retailers need their own relief package? Regardless of […]

Can your site handle 12 people an hour?

If 100,000 potential customers were brought to the â??doorstepâ? of your Web site â?? right now â?? how would you capture and hold their attention? Ok, maybe 100k in one day is a little much for you. How about 12 people every hour, all day today? Could you keep the attention of that trickle of […]