Is the lack of Wal-Mart actually a tax?

photo credit: Lordcolus A lot of thoughts come to mind both ways about Wal-Mart‘s effect on local businesses and consumers. No shortage of them are provoked by this Forbes op/ed saying that the lack of access to Wal-Mart in NYC is actually a tax, and continues by stating that building a WalMart in NYC is economic […]

David Apple wastes no time, passes Goliath Wal-Mart in music sales

Just a few days ago, I was talking about iTunes passing Amazon and Best Buy in 2007 total music sales. That’s all kinds – CD and downloaded music. Didn’t take long for that to become old news. On Tuesday, a leaked Apple memo shows that January 2008 music industry numbers from NPD indicates that Apple […]

Don’t Quit: David 2, Goliath 0.

Everyone supposedly roots for the underdog. This weekend, there was a lot of underdog action going on. On Friday, the unranked Razorbacks surprised #1 ranked LSU 50-48 in Baton Rouge’s “Death Valley”. It was the first home loss for LSU in 19 games on a field notorious for dropping opponents with a lethal combination of […]

Competing with Walmart – this guy gets it.

Last week, a story in the Flathead Beacon (a weekly print/internet paper that carries my business column) discussed a Whitefish MT store called Main Street Art and Crafts Supplies. Main Street offers arts and crafts, but takes things to the next level, by offering classes in cake decorating, stained glass, etc. One quote leaped out […]

What you have in common with an Angel

Tiger boots a birdie putt on 18 at the U.S. Open to lose to a relatively unknown dude from Argentina? Exactly what you were expecting, right? Angel Cabrera beats Tiger Woods. Angel is in the clubhouse, resting at 5 over. He’s done his best for that 4 days, for that course. Meanwhile, Tiger is still […]

Competing with Walmart on price: Fools do it.

Fools. Some days I feel like I’m surrounded:) I’ve never written about this “little store”, but I think I should because there’s a lesson about companies like WalMart, IBM and such. Let’s say you’re the owner of the low price general store in town. All the locally-owned retail store owners despise you because you found […]

You are to blame for so-called cheap customers

I hear SO much complaining about price and how people are so cheap that I just can’t stand it anymore. Look, if price was the only factor in purchasing, everyone would live in a trailer, drive a Yugo, and buy all their clothes at the second hand store or WalMart. That’s right. Everyone, even the […]

Hamilton and Walmart – Back on the rails

Sorry folks, been inundated with business this month and unfortunately, the blog has suffered as a result. I’m back in the saddle, so lets get back at helping Hamilton get it together before opening day. Not long ago, I added a step or 2 to the Hamilton retailers vs Walmart preparation effort. Lets get this […]