I got a makeover

Ok, not me, but the blog did. I got tired of looking at the bunny every day and felt the blog needed more of a Montana feel, so here we are. I’ll be getting back to the Walmart topic shortly, been a busy week.

Hamilton MT v. WalMart, step 2

In the 7 step process I described earlier, I intentionally left a few things out – primarily because the post would have been a book otherwise. Well, the good news is that we’re going to do one of those “missing” things right now. Next – You need to do some work on your USP. USP […]

Hamilton gets the gift that keeps on taking.

One of my favorite towns in Montana is getting a Walmart SuperCenter. Hamilton Montana, about 4 hrs south of me. This is a place with one of the best Main Street business districts in the state, a really vibrant downtown with most of its original architecture, a river with excellent fly fishing, killer mountain views […]

December retail sales were down…

Or were they….? Yep, the stats are in for the 2006 holiday season and sales were down, despite early season stats that showed a positive start to the season’s sales. WalMart reported their holiday season sales were “the worst on record”. What they really mean is that their holiday “same store sales INCREASE” was the […]

Sniff. Sniff. Does your website stink?

What’s that smell? I hope its not your website:) Here are 5 common mistakes we find on websites during our “Rescue My Website” evaluations: 1 – No opt-in email capture mechanisms Opt-in email capture mechanisms come in many forms, including special reports, newsletters (See #2) and squeeze pages. Squeeze pages are a last resort vs […]