Tending Your Garden

photo credit: gregor_y Earlier this week, I had the privilege of speaking about websites at the monthly Columbia Falls Chamber of Commerce lunch meeting. While it’s not exactly opening for the Stones at Madison Square Garden, it’s an honor because it’s a group of mostly local business owners whose success is important to me. I […]

Hi, my name is TriFold Brochure. Not.

photo credit: Sukanto Debnath The primary message / goal / mission of this blog is that you and your business need to create a more personal connection with your clients. To that end, someone asked me this morning about the website work that I do. We talked briefly about the technology (because that someone was […]

Scoble learns what Kennedy’s been telling us for years

photo credit: Swami Stream That is, Design matters, but not nearly as much as you’d think IF your content is strong. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a slam on Robert, it just is. What is “it”? Content, but not just *any* content. Relevant content. If you have it, the rest is a bonus. If […]

A slight edge to improve your website’s contact page and calendar

This morning I got a note from Keith Lee at American Retail Supply in Seattle regarding our contact page discussion about Scouting.org from earlier this week. He mentioned that his site’s contact page includes directions to his retail locations. That’s a simple idea that can save you and your clients a lot of time. Let […]

Message received: “DONT CONTACT US”

photo credit: decade_null As you might be aware, I’m the Scoutmaster of a local Boy Scout troop here in Columbia Falls. I’ve been involved as a Scouting volunteer in numerous forms for about 20 years, at levels as low as you can get, and as high as a VP on our Council Executive Committee. As […]

Taking the kids – and your website – on a long road trip

Today’s guest post is from Jill Whelan of HighRankings.com. Jill describes a nice parallel between the preparation necessary for taking the kids on a long road trip (vs having them cry) and the symptoms your website uses to tell you what a crying child is trying to tell you. It’s a good read, go check […]

Insulating yourself from disaster

Late last week, a friend of mine’s website exploded. More accurately, his webhost’s electrical room exploded and caught fire and took down NINE THOUSAND servers with it. Because my friend knows these things happen, he was well prepared for it. He had backups in place. He had an alternate server in place and in more […]

Sticking a fork in restaurant websites

Though I haven’t mentioned it here in a while, my series of columns in the Flathead Beacon about local websites has continued over the last couple weeks. It’s on topic here as well, so let’s elaborate on it a bit further than I have space for in the Beacon. Next week’s column takes a look […]

Woopra web analytics: Mom, I take it all back

Over the last few weeks as I (im)patiently waited for Woopra approval for this site’s URL, I said a few grumbly words in the middle of the “Why is it taking 3 weeks to get approved?” kinds of sentences. Finally, I got notice of approval last night. With that, I have to say: Mom, I’m […]

Locals grumble about real estate websites too

Several local people mentioned the real estate post from yesterday at last night’s CFHS Speech and Debate State Championship celebration. People who had never said a word about the blog before. Surprised me a little. Avast mayteys, we’ve got lurkers!! 🙂 Anyhow, I got a lot of “No kidding” and “Why don’t they do this?” […]