The Wharton School agrees with me: Focus on upscale loyal clientele.

My regular email from the Wharton School of Business just arrived. Seems the folks at their recent Marketing Conference agree with what I’ve been suggesting here for some time. Maybe it’s worth trying…

Here’s a summary:

Chasing aspirational 16-year-olds and new money in emerging markets is “out,” while pampering the wealthiest and most loyal customers is “in,” according to luxury retailers at the recent Wharton Marketing Conference. Said one panelist: “The core for a luxury brand is a customer with very considerable wealth.”

Read the rest of the Wharton Marketing Conference story here.

Rocky roads and retailers

Today’s guest post comes from the Wharton business school at the University of Pennsylvania (aka Penn).

Yep, the same place Donald Trump sent his kids to learn about business.

Today’s discussion involves something from a little over a week ago – the impact of inflation on retailers big and small – and what smart retailers are doing to make things work.

Registration may be required to view the article, but a) I highly recommend the Wharton site and b) it’s free. Strongly recommended.