Never underestimate the “little nobodies”

photo credit: clevercupcakes Today’s guest post comes from Amber Karnes, who did a great job of analyzing the rise and fall of Urban Outfitters most recent product thievery and how social media played a role in the fall. One of the messages small businesses should get from this is buried deep within this quote from […]

Good business is personal

photo credit: jiazi Over the last few weeks, I’ve had a lot of time to rethink a lot of things. It struck me that I’ve spent a lot more time discussing the dumb things that businesses do rather than the smart things they do. While I turn the story of those dumb things into a […]

Throw The Fastball

photo credit: Chuck â??Cavemanâ? Coker I get a fairly steady flow of referrals and hope you’ve done at least some of what I’ve suggested so you can get them too. Sometimes folks looking for pretty specific gigs are referred to me as well. I appreciate these referrals as much as the “Hey, this business needs […]

Camouflage lipstick? Not even.

Almost every business is looking for new customers these days. It’s particularly the case in markets that serve people’s hobby, pastime or even luxury items. Hunting and camping gear is one that comes to mind, but there are plenty of others. If you sell the various types of gear used when hunting and camping, your […]

Best Seat in the House shows why you should be blogging

It may not be clear from the things I talk about here, but I enjoy photography. I shoot some scenic stuff, like the photo at the top of this page and I shoot a lot of sports and community stuff. When it comes to sports, I’ll shoot baseball, soccer, tennis, basketball, swimming, football, etc – […]