The boys of summer

Ordinarily, when discussing this subject, I might get on a rant about MLB players, but not today 🙂

Instead, I just have a photo to share with you. I took this yesterday at a Little League game across from the high school. I just happened to be there for a meeting and the game across the street caught my ear.

What I like about the image is the detail in places you don’t typically think about, like the baggy jeans and the dust kicked up by the pitcher’s shoes, and how it contrasts with the anonymity of the players. You can’t see their faces or team name, and the ball isn’t even in the picture. They could be ball players from any town.

It took me back to my days on the field. Good times.

What are you doing to take your clients back to their good times? Does your service remind them of what they used to get in the “good old days”? Today will be the “good old days” for a lot of people. Your business should be a part of that.