The public makes it SO easy on us marketing types

I was at the NY Times site today and stumbled across this little box of info.

Keywords most frequently searched by readers.

  1. sex
  2. immigration
  3. anna nicole smith
  4. china
  5. global warming
  6. iraq
  7. health
  8. obama
  9. india
  10. education

This is actually a tad more serious than the keyword list offered up by the major search engines, but it speaks directly to how easy the public makes it on marketers. Even the dowdy NYT (despite its really cool online reader) manages to be a source for info about sex and Anna Nicole. Or Britney, or Brad and Angelina, or whatever.

This is what appears to be on the minds of those who you target with your marketing. If your market has parallels with the NYT readership, use it. There are plenty of publication websites with the same info. Use it to make your message fit the readership.
Just a random thought here, but exactly who thinks of the New York Times and sex in the same sentence?