The Rescue Interview

The Rescue Interview is the entry point to everything I do.

It’s that important.

You might find it a little painful, but like anything else that’s worth it – you’ll be glad you did it when you look back on it.

The interview asks you tough questions about things you’ve ignored, procrastinated about or simply haven’t considered. It helps me understand your business in a way that only you can describe. The exercise is essential to what I’m about to help you with, but your experience while completing it is worth far more. It digs deep into what drives your business. It reveals the mindset, marketing, and strategic side of your business. It gives me perspective and it helps you realize where you might have some gaps.

The process: Once I’m notified of your investment in yourself and your business, I’ll send an email containing a link to The Rescue Interview.

The value you receive from it is dependent on what you do next. If you “phone it in” and just fill in the answers to get it behind you, it’s like eating a whole package of Oreos in one sitting. Short term satisfaction, at best.

Fill it out like it’s your last opportunity to explain your business, your market, your product and your customers to me. It might be the first time you ever did so seriously – and that’s ok.

Buy now.

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