The Rescue Interview

While The Rescue Interview is my entry level product, that doesn’t mean it isn’t important.

In fact, if you look at all the services I offer, you’ll find the Interview included with each of them.

It’s that important.

You might find the interview painful at times, but like anything else that’s worth it – you’ll be glad you did it when you look back on it.

The interview asks you tough questions about things you’ve ignored, procrastinated about or simply haven’t considered.

It’s like producing a personal financial statement for the marketing and strategic side of your business. Perspective.

How it works:  Once I’m notified of your investment in yourself and your business, I’ll send you an email containing a link to The Rescue Interview.

The value you receive from it is dependent on what you do next. If you “phone it in” and just fill in the answers to get it behind you, it’s like putting junk food on your plate.

I suggest that you fill it out like it’s the last time you can tell anyone about your business. Or maybe… like it’s the first time you ever did so seriously.


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