Trump has to be thinking “Didnt your mom ever teach you…

NOT to interrupt when someone else is speaking?”
Yep, another Apprentice on the DVR tonight. This one: the Pollo Loco episode.
Lame marketing (assuming there WAS some), lame product choice but worst of all – a person who just insists on interrupting Trump. And Sean. Or Trump’s kids. Or anyone else who feels the need to speak.

Look, I dont care if you’re sitting across the table from Trump, a tramp, or a chimp: Its just rude.

Oddly enough, I dont think Ive seen an Apprentice series yet (but I havent seen them all) that HASNT had someone who just insists on repeatedly interrupting Trump when he’s speaking in the boardroom – and often, when he’s going after someone else or defending the person who interrupts him.

I’ve fought this as much as anyone, but I dont think I’ve ever seen so many, so persistently rude about it as I have on this show.

Don’t think its rude? Study the look on someone else’s face when you interrupt them. Or just ask them.
No wonder they’re fired.