Using Libby’s good news to promote your wood stove business

woodstove2.jpg Last week, the EPA announced that air quality in Libby, Montana had significantly increased. Libby is the home of Montana’s asbestos Superfund site thanks to the W.R. Grace company’s vermiculite mine located there.

The AP article included comments from University of Montana professors who have studied pollution levels in Libby, from industry spokespeople, and from the Montana Department of Environmental Quality.

The article continued, speaking of the improved indoor air quality and efficiency of the stoves, and how they burn much less wood than in the past.

Again, this was NEWS, not a press release from the wood stove industry.

If you own a wood stove store, this is an ideal time to comment on the article to your local paper. Issue a press release to the local radio and TV stations with your slant on the article. You just might get called for a brief interview.

By the way…they don’t charge for airtime when they interview you. They simply make you the apparent expert on the topic. I mean, what self-respecting radio station would call the “dumb stove guy” to ask questions on the air?

What are you waiting for?

How do you use the news to promote your business?