What A Testimonial For Your Business Should Include

Not long ago, Dan Kennedy’s staff sent out a request for testimonials about their Advanced Coaching and Consulting Training that I attended back in February. Before long, I suspect they will be offering CD and possibly DVD recordings of the weekend.

But this wasn’t just a request for a testimonial. Instead, it was a contest.

If you wrote a good testimonial, they were offering a nice thank you gift (one of their products).

If you wrote the best testimonial, they were offering free copies of their 3 newest products.

Keep in mind that this isn’t about making up a bunch of crap and emailing it in. Bill and Dan are nobody’s fools. They aren’t going to choose some cheesy, fake, lovey-dovey testimonial, and I knew it. They want something that is going to help them close sales, and something that the testimonial author will stand behind.

My thought process as I wrote the testimonial crossed several paths, but the bottom line included these points that I suspected were at the top of their mindset – because they should be on anyone’s radar when seeking testimonials:

  • They wanted a testimonial that included some social proof, ie: the reader has to think “that dude isn’t any smarter than I am, so that thing will work for me too”.
  • They wanted a testimonial that broke down common sales objections. More than likely, price will be one of them, but others are certainly on the table.
  • They wanted a testimonial that gave you a “reason why”. Anyone who studies Dan’s stuff knows that a “reason why” is critical.
  • They wanted a testimonial with specific benefits in it. So many testimonials say useless stuff like “I feel so much better now”. What the heck does THAT mean?

As you might have guessed, out of all the testimonials they received – mine was chosen as the best.

When Bill and Dan say something of yours is the best out of the folks in their group of clients – and this room had 7-8 figure (annually) people in it – well, that’s pretty darned cool. Those guys have some powerful business and marketing mojo and to have them choose mine tells me that it was a solid piece.

So, to celebrate the box of stuff that the Fedex guy just dropped off, I thought I’d turn this post into a contest of my own.

Send me your best testimonial about anything. This blog, my services, your services, your product, whatever.

There will be 2 winners: Best testimonial and most instructive testimonial (ie: illustrates something I can use to teach others about getting good testimonials).

Go to it, folks. Post them as comments.

PS: Here’s the winning testimonial:

Have you ever wanted to experience certain moments of your life over and over again? I can think of a few special times with my grandfather, or my wife & my kids. Iâ??m sure you can too. Iâ??ll bet youâ??d be surprised to find that the Advanced Consulting and Coaching Bootcamp is one of those times.

I paid big money up front, a full EIGHT months before the Bootcamp, before I was really sure that I needed to be there â?? but I just had a feeling about it that I couldnâ??t put a finger on. I just had a feeling that it was something big, something different.

As you might expect, as the summer and fall crept along, I had some second thoughts about it. Then I got the sales letter. Maybe it was a mistake, maybe it was part of their â??stick campaignâ?, it really doesnâ??t matter – because it revealed more about the Bootcamp than I knew when I signed up. That sales letter made it clear that I had 4 months to prepare for what would become the 2 most important days of my business life. That â??feelingâ? Iâ??d had months earlier was confirmed. This was big.

The venue was small and intimate. Dan was more open than Iâ??d ever seen him. Nothing was out of bounds, or off the table. It was just Dan, a few people in the room, and a couple of microphones. Hugely powerful stuff that had me on the edge of my chair for two solid days, madly scribbling notes like I was in the White House Press Room and the Prez was revealing Super Top Secret information.

And thatâ??s exactly what it was. Super Top Secret Information. After 25 years in business, thereâ??s no doubt that I value it as 2 of the most valuable days of my business life. Then it hit me. I wasnâ??t alone, and this was rare company. The gurus were not only there, but were listening attentively, asking questions and taking notes as madly as I was. Sometimes you find â??the gurusâ? chit chatting while in a seminar, or having a little get together outside the conference room. Not this time.

But what about little olâ?? me, the regular guy? Even though I donâ??t yet have the guru bucks and the guru staff to do my work, I can tell you this: the strategies and techniques that Dan revealed in ACC Bootcamp were being implemented in my hotel room before I left for home (and on the way home), they were that important to me. I can directly attribute over $8000 in consulting income booked the week after the Bootcamp â?? all because of ONE of the things Dan shared with us.

If someone from Planet Dan asked if I thought they should buy the Bootcamp CDs or DVDs, Iâ??d offer one of these two responses: â??NO, YOU CANT HAVE THEM, THEYâ??RE ALL MINE<evil demonic laugh>â? or â??Let me put it this way: If my house caught fire, Iâ??d grab my wife & kids, the fire safe and my Bootcamp CDs. If you donâ??t buy a set while you still can, youâ??re out of your frickinâ?? mind.â?

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