What gives GoDaddy their tight grip on the domain name jugular?

Fox Business Channel recently aired a segment about controversial domain registrar GoDaddy, who generates lots of PR buzz in the months surrounding the SuperBowl, simply by virtue of their risque commercials.

Fox’s story tries to give you the impression that the bawdy commercials are what make GoDaddy’s market share a whopping 42% of the domain registrar business.

I disagree.

Sure, the Hooters-esque commercials will get guys, their biggest demographic, to the site. And sure, this traffic will likely pump up their sales for a brief period of time. But that isn’t enough to keep that business. Domain services are serious business for those who buy them.

Without his company’s attention to performance, pricing and service in this competitive market, the real boob would be GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons.

Clearly, GoDaddy’s performance shows that they know they have to back it up, with none of the legendary BS that registrars like Network Associates have been infamous for.

Daddy might get you in the door on that first job, but you have to earn the right to stay there.