What I should have done to care for my blog, week before last…

Last week, I was at Scout camp with my troop.

When my phone had a charge and there wasn’t a hurricane or a tornado lurking in the area just for fun, I occasionally managed to get online, post a story for the Beacon and most importantly – check the weather radar. Ordinarily, my cell’s browser would suffice for that, but Tuesday and Wednesday’s storms made detailed weather radar a priority.

But I digress.

I should have entered a few posts for the blog in advance so that they would post automatically throughout the week. Most blog software will allow you to write in advance and choose the date when the post appears. If yours doesn’t, get new blog software.

So that was my plan, until an untimely laptop crash struck on Tuesday evening week before last – instantly rearranging most of my free time during the week before camp. Interestingly enough, I already had my Beacon columns in place through the first week of August, but those columns and blog posts are different animals.

Suggestion: Learn from my mistakes. Your customers may or may not be affected by what affects you, so Be Prepared. In fact, be more prepared than you thought you needed to be.

The one nice discovery that resulted just before leaving for camp was a little program for my Palm-based Treo 650 (the Treo I love to hate). It’s called PdaNet and it turns your data-enabled cell phone into a modem for your laptop. Works pretty well when your phone actually works, isn’t wet, and when Mother Nature isn’t serving up Mike Tyson-style kidney punches to get your attention – much less creating service opportunities for the “Can you hear me now?” dude from Verizon.