What to do when you’re backed into a corner.

Everyone knows that an animal is far more dangerous when backed into a corner. When pressed, it will defend itself far more vigorously and fight to the death.

You’re no different than that animal.

If you had $57 in your checking account and no job, what would you do today to make sure that tomorrow was a better day?

  • Would you sell a little harder? A little better?
  • Would you work a little harder, or a little longer?
  • What would you do that you haven’t done in months – because you know it would produce better results?
  • Would you mail that hand-written thank you card to the new client, or the client who keeps on buying from you?
  • Would you send something to that person who referred you to a new client or prospect?
  • Would you put yourself in the prospect’s shoes and think just a little harder about how to explain to them why they need your product?

Now….Why aren’t you doing those things today?

In your mind, back yourself into a corner and expect the best you’ve got – the stuff you’d do if you only had $57 in your pocket, rather than the same ol’, same ol’ that people expect from you.