When’s the last time you had FUN at the airport?

Flew to Atlanta the other day for a meeting with Bill and Dan, and to attend the Atlanta GKIC meeting (Fred Gagnon’s group) and had some fun in the most unusual place: the Salt Lake City airport (SLC).

These days, airports feel like little more than cross between a strip mall, the waiting room at a proctologist’s office and a bus station. Air travel used to seem fun. Nowadays its work. Security, crowded planes and so on.
However, this was Halloween. The SLC airport was actually FUN. All the cart drivers were costumed big-time. You know who I mean, right? The guys who have the oversized golf carts to hurry people to their gate and carry folks who need some help getting around? Those guys. The men were mostly dressed as Batman (the original one), complete with half-face masks, capes and in one case, blue tights and black boots. Hilarious, plus they were having a ball with it. The lady drivers were mostly dressed as witches and they clearly were trying to match the enthusiasm of the “Batmen”. Even better, the folks in the airport stores (almost all of them!) were also dressed up in great costumes as well, from a witch to a French maid to a ghost.

Folks, this is an airport. You know, the place where all the people working there are grumpy, surly and often seem not all that interested in being nice and helpful, right?

On Halloween, they were all smiling, laughing and a lot more fun. The entire airport was in a lighter mood because of it and a nicer place to be as a result. Kudos to whoever on the SLC staff decided it was cool to do this. I asked the ladies in the Crown Room why they werent dressed up, they said they werent allowed to and clearly were disappointed about it. Despite that, one of the gate agents had some face paint on along with his Delta blues. He was just as professional, but people lined up for him more so than the agent next to him. Wonder why?

You dont have to dress up to have fun, but if you make your business more enjoyable to work in and visit, what’s the harm in that? If nothing else, people might stay longer, your employees should be friendlier and that’s bound to wear off on your bottom line. Find a way to do it.