Why are you here?

When I saw Joel last night at The System, he asked me what brought me here.

Why would I come to an internet marketing conference?

Several reasons.

1) Not all of my clients understand why they need to keep on top of internet marketing trends, new techniques, and such. They’re doing more important things and letting me handle their site. Those who do understand and have some knowledge in these areas prefer to pay me to (among other things) stay on top of these things so they don’t have to.

2) I have my own sites to keep ahead of the game. RescueMarketing.com doesn’t have 82 keywords at #1 in the search engines this week because I’m not paying attention to what’s new, what’s working and what isn’t. These things take time, study and investment.

3) There are faculty members and others here that know things I don’t know. Likewise, those with proven success in areas I want to get better at. The best way to find out what I need to know is to get closer to the people who know the things I want to learn more about.

4) The slight edge. What am I willing to do and learn that my competition is too myopic or lazy to do?

Being here is one of those things.