Why are you STILL wasting time?

No, this is not another time management discussion. I simply want to put your day in the proper context.

After all, almost 60% of the year is behind us and I want you to be sure you’re getting closer to making it where you wanted to be by the end of the year.

So… if you are wasting an hour a day – doing *whatever* – what do you think that’s worth to you?

If you have 10 employees and each one of them is wasting an hour a day, it would probably bother you. At least I hope it would.

Lets assume for the sake of argument that you take $100,000 out of your business each year. If you waste an hour a day, that’s $51 and change you waste every day, or about 85 cents per minute. That’s assuming you make that 100 large in an eight hour day, working 50 weeks per year.

If you waste that hour a day all year long, you just tossed $12,750 out the door (.85 per minute * 60 minutes per day times 5 days per week times 50 weeks per year).

Is whatever you’re doing today worth the money you’re paying for it? Is it generating the $ you need it to?

Look at it another way, if $100K is your benchmark. $100K divided by 5 days per week and 50 weeks per year (Im assuming you take 2 weeks off) is $400.

That’s $400 per weekday, day in, day out. If you work 8 productive hours per day…

If you only manage 7 productive hours per day on average all year long, then you’re up to $457 per weekday.

If your numbers are bigger, that wasted time gets a lot more expensive.

Stay focused.

3 replies on “Why are you STILL wasting time?”

  1. A good article and one that I need to think on seriously (and thus directing more time from actually *doing something*).

    But what about the positive side. An hour ‘wasted’ a day might be used more to recharge your batteries, to give you a change to deplug your brain for a bit and come back refreshed.

    Currently I am starting a company and have found myself working huge amounts of hours. recently though my productivity has been upped by allowing myself time away from working every now and again.

    It is the same with my 9-5. I used to be quite religious about eating my lunch at my desk and working through. Now I make sure that I get away from the office during that lunch break… go to the park, to a cafe, the library, whatever. because of that I am again finding I am far more productive, and far less distracted, throughout the day.

  2. Nick,

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with downtime, particularly for the reasons you note above. Its the wasting of uptime that I’m trying to get folks to look more closely at.


  3. …except you forgot about tax in the equation. If you waste an hour a day, thatâ??s actually $102 per hour and change you waste every day, or about 170 cents per minute!! Scary stuff indeed.

    ROBs last blog post..Grass Is Greener

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