Customer service Positioning

Why people subscribe to a blog, newsletter, or anything you write

As you read this, or at least as WordPress posts it, I’m over at Eisinger Chevy with the boys in the troop. We’re in the early phases of washing between 250 and 300 cars for their free annual car care clinic. Yep, washing cars for 8 solid hours on a Saturday in February in Northwest Montana.

Thankfully, we’ll be in the detail bay, rather than outside, since it’s close to freezing today 🙂

Since I’m not around, I thought it would be a great time for a guest post, and today’s is top notch. It comes from A-list blogger Dosh Dosh and talks about why people subscribe to a blog.

But…it’s bigger than that.

As a small business owner, you should look at it from a customer’s point of view as it relates to your business. Maki’s point expands far beyond blogs. It’s about delivering value to your customers. Doesn’t matter if you sell tires, donuts, massage oil or dip sticks. Enjoy.