Word to the Governor – stop smoking

Dear Governor Schweitzer,

When mulling over whether or not to go on the news and tell people that the state isn’t completely on fire and that there is no reason to change their plans to visit Yellowstone, Glacier Park, Virginia City and the rest of Montana cool stuff to do, please reconsider that thought.

First, saying “I know it seems like the whole state is on fire, but it really isn’t.” (or whatever), doesn’t really make a guy somewhere in the Midwest or California (etc) want to hookup his fifth wheel trailer and fill up on $3/gallon fuel and head this way at 18 mpg.

Second, you may find it somewhat hard to believe, but when elected officials say things like that, it seems that a fair percentage of people expect it to be a lie, or at least, not all of the truth. After all, that’s what many politicians have trained Americans to understand over the last 20-30 years.I know, it’s hard to believe. On the other hand, I suspect you’ve heard the old joke about how to tell when a politician is lying, but I digress.

Amazingly enough (I can hardly believe it myself), it might actually be better to let the media tell the story in this particular case. Weird, huh?

Thank you,

Businesses in Montana who depend on summer tourist traffic

PS: To folks planning to or interested in visiting our fine state, yeah it is smoky in some places right now. I just talked to a store at Glacier Park who said it was pretty clear there, which surprised me even though there are 2 mountain ranges between here and there. Why? Because 20 miles away in Columbia Falls, it’s a bit smoky due to fires way out west of Whitefish (and others in Idaho). Bottom line: No, the parks aren’t on fire, though there are a number of other places (primarily roadless wilderness areas) that are burning. 99% of the people who come here never go near any of those places (long-distance backcountry hikers may have to change their plans). So….come on over, we miss ya.