Would you rather your customers were satisfied or loyal? How about your WIFE?

When I saw Jeffrey Gitomer speak in Spokane a few years ago, his normal level of brash interaction with the crowd was typical for him: laced with his New Jersey style shtick and humor. He’s a funny guy, but he’s always making a point with his humor.

At one point, he asked the crowd if they would rather their customers be satisfied or loyal. About half the crowd raised their hands for each. Then he asked the crowd, “Would you rather your spouse was satisfied or loyal?”

Amid lots of laughter, he made his point.

That’s the focus of “Customer Satisfaction is Worthless, Customer Loyalty is Priceless”.

Gitomer’s books are always an easy, quick, entertaining read – and they’re always worth the price of admission. You may not like Jeffrey’s New Jersey style humor, but you cant argue with his success, nor his ability to get a point across about sales and customer service.

I stumbled across Jeffrey in the airport a while ago, and in person at the luggage carousel, he’s no different than in front of a crowd. Funny, yet sincere, you know he wants you to succeed. Pick up a copy and pass it around to your staff, or buy each of them a copy. You’ll be happy you did and so will your customers.