Your blog can show your clients “How to”

Today’s guest post is from The Brain. No, not your brain, The Brain.

photo credit: moujemouje

The Brain is a software product that allows you to organize, relate and search info to other info. Typically, we’re talking about things that don’t make this easy – especially across media and thought processes.

Showing your clients how to get more value out of your products is a very good use for a blog. I got several ideas from this post, even though I’ve used the Brain for years.

How can you use this technique in your blog, for your products?

2 replies on “Your blog can show your clients “How to””

  1. Mark,
    It seems to be a really interesting way to organise your thoughts. I think I saw Carol Bentley writing on a similar topic of mind mapping a few weeks back at I couldn’t find the exact post, but she was saying this is how she organises her life. Personally I do it in outlook using tasks and integrating ACT, but this is probably a better way to organise thought topically.
    I’m just not sure I would implement… Are you using this yet?

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