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100 insights from young entrepreneurs

Day 257: Love Life When Not On Vacation
Creative Commons License photo credit: quinn.anya

Lessons get learned two ways, mostly:

1) Via advice offered in hope that it’ll save you some money, time, pain, etc. Often, these lessons were learned in a different way by the person offering the advice. Usually they learned it…

2) The hard way, by making the mistake yourself and feeling the pain first hand.

3) Give me a minute, I’ll explain this one…

Method #2 seems to stick better, even though method 1 (the easy way) tends to be far less expensive.

Method #3

This is the method where you point out a group of folks who may or may not have had the lessons taught by method #1 but appear to have chosen the hard way.

That’s OK though…because they clearly figured out a lot of things.

100 CEOs talk about things they wish they knew when they started their business.

Notice the ones that crop up again and again?

They speak of preparedness, how much time / money they spent on marketing, how they didnt expect sales to be so hard, how its far more important to pick out a market that needs a solution (and provide it) rather than to make something and then search around for a market for it.

That’s why we spend so much time talking about positioning, knowing your customer better than anyone else, doing more than everyone else, thinking about customer needs, and so little time talking about things like how to compete with a lower price.

Give the list another read. There’s some gold in there.