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20 word of mouth marketing questions

Now that your head is feeling better from whatever you did or didn’t do a couple nights ago… Did you ever ask yourself a question about the ethics of your marketing?

It’s natural to ask questions about other people’s, but ethics problems are rarely an issue with them (not non-existent, just rare). Usually it’s just stuff that isn’t too smart, or it’s amazingly smart.

If you’re concerned that you need to examine your practices from an ethical point of view (I submit that you should already know if your marketing is ethical or not), then check out the 20 question list produced by the Word of Mouth Marketing Association.

I think the 2 bonus questions at the end of the list all but take care of the prior 20.

They are:

  • Would I be uncomfortable if my family or friends were involved in this campaign?
  • Is there anything about this campaign that we would be embarrassed to discuss publicly?