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5 entrepreneur lessons from Guy Kawasaki

Today’s guest post is from Guy Kawasaki. You probably know of Guy from his books, from his time at Apple or Garage, or maybe from Alltop. Who knows, you might even have played hockey with him. 

Regardless, his last post as a blogger for Sun is definitely worth reading.

2 replies on “5 entrepreneur lessons from Guy Kawasaki”

Thanks for sharing the post. I think the point that hits me the most is to focus on cash flow. When I first started as an entrepreneur, our goal was to create the next facebook rather than generate money. Boy were we wrong.

Here are the lessons I’ve learned as an entrepreneur. I’d sure like to know what you think about them.

Hope to stay in touch

Jun Loayza

Jun Loayzas last blog post..Future Delivery TV: Episode 20 – How to be an online Vlogging start w/ Casey Mckinnon

Jun, thank you for commenting on – and particularly for reading – my blog.

Youre absolutely right. These “simple things” are too easy to overlook. Will take a look at your lessons post. Thanks!

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