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5 reasons why your business needs a newsletter, part 4

If you aren’t at least mildly curious about a starting a newsletter for your business after reading part 1, part 2, or part 3 of this series, I’m not sure why you’re still reading, but I’m willing to keep playing along if you are. If you’ve already made up your mind that a newsletter is nuts, look at the bright side, #5 will be here on Friday and you’ll be done with this for now:)

On the other hand, if you’re seriously considering the pros and cons of starting a newsletter for your business, here’s reason # 4…

Reason # 4 – Newsletters stimulate referrals.

Things start to feed off of each other at this point, so watch for the steamroller.

Everyone reading this is surely aware that there is no better customer than one referred to you by one of your existing, happy customers. For example, it’s pretty fun to watch a happy client drag someone they just met into your booth at a trade show and tell them right in front of you “If you don’t buy this guy’s stuff, you’re a fool.” It happens.

Referrals are the result of Word Of Mouth Advertising. Doing things that make your clients WANT to talk about you and share their experience. Seeing their name in a newsletter, for example.
Word Of Mouth Advertising is the result of Top Of Consciousness thinking, ie: your company is on your clients’ minds when outdoor power tools, rare Egyptian rugs or whatever you do happens to be the topic of conversation.

Top Of Consciousness positioning requires frequent, regular communication, to remind of your existence, stimulate interest, and demonstrate appreciation. IE:……a newsletter.