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How to measure advertising response in any media

Recently, I received a few questions about measuring advertising response so I thought I’d cover that a bit today. The measurement and use of the results you record is one of the most important things to do when advertising – at least once the ad has been created for a particular target market. Question: Why […]

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Where to find tech candidates from underrepresented groups

Where do you go to find a more diverse set of candidates for a tech job opening vs. what you might find at the standard “big” job sites? Here’s what Twitter said.

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Customers for life are often made rather than found

On the worst day for your customers for life, what can you do to make their situation better, less frustrating, and memorable in a positive way?

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No one needs salespeople anymore

It’s great that you have a product that’s so good that it sells itself. That doesn’t mean you should sit on your hands & wait for business to arrive.

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Accountability starts with you

Unfortunate KPI choices can negatively impact any department. KPIs need to make holistic sense for your business. Accountability for that starts with you.

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What signals does your business send?

Over the last few months, a business that I’ve frequented for more than a year has started showing signs that it’s having difficulties. Does your business show signs like that?

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The role of a salesperson

You know what breeds loyalty in your customers? Knowing that there will always be a considerate well-trained expert in your store.

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Operations problems

A good bit of what we discuss here relates to day-to-day operations. While a lot of operations probably seems simple and obvious, it’s the number one issue I see in companies. I suspect you’ve experienced, owned or worked at a company whose operations are a disorganized mess. Common problems shouldn’t be common at all, right? […]

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Where subscribers hide: Pt 1

Watching my wife shop / interact with salespeople is always a refresher course. Gaps in customer service & sales training / tactics always reveal themselves. This is the missing piece of “Secret Shopper” type services – no audio / video. The report is fine, but you don’t get to see and hear what happened – […]

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Politics in the workplace

Politics and work – do they mix well? As political communication seems to approach something resembling “say nothing or go psycho“, politics can become tougher at work. I love intelligent conversations with people I don’t (and do) agree with. But finger poking, red-faced, screaming rants? I’m gone. I’d rather watch hot dogs being made. That […]