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Focus on their burden, not yours

photo credit: Scott Ableman A couple of weeks back, there was a bit of a fuss about United Airlines kicking people off an overweight plane based on the fare they paid. As the discussion (and the comments) run their course in this story, there were a number of suggestions on how to choose which passengers […]

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Something special in the air

I have to say that I never expected a country-western song to be a guest post, but it is what it is. For the rest of the story about how United Airlines baggage handlers trashed Dave Carroll’s guitar and more importantly, their customer service and management mistakes afterwards, drop over to 4.5 million views […]

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Wedding and a funeral create a customer service mashup

Miss me? Between a wedding, an unexpected funeral (is there any other kind?), the joy of Greyhound-esque air travel, no time to post and no access to the net, the blog’s been bit dark since late last week. I’ve been in various parts of Missouri since Thursday, but I did bring you something: some fine […]

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Experience management matters

Delivery of a product or service is about far more than the act of your client opening the box or getting the service they paid for. The total experience matters, so you’d better manage it. An example should give my assertion the context it needs to clarify why experience management is so important. A need to […]

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Signs your work is incomplete

photo credit: telmo32 From time to time, you get signs that your work here isn’t complete. I recently I had one of those days. Six of us, including a three year old and a one year old on the downhill side of a cold, were set to fly what usually is a two segment, three […]