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A gut or a 6-pack?

against the day
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Jim Rohn’s story about the Girl Scout who came to his door is hard to fathom on one hand (after getting to know him), and heartwrenching on the other, but I’m sure that if I could ask Jim right now, he’d be glad she came to the door.

I had a similar moment recently. I took a “Me Day”, something I almost never do – and should do more often. I slept a little later than normal, had a couple coffees, showered, went to breakfast and started writing in my favorite Kalispell coffee joint.

About 1pm, it felt like time to eat, and with no scheduled appointments, I decided to go to Five Guys.

I’ve been there only once before and shared a meal (supposedly intended for one) with my wife.

Today I didn’t even begin to finish it and sat there reading for a while. They have bottomless drinks, so I can sit there and swill Diet Coke all day, or for as long as I can stand the atmosphere – which is ok for a place like that but not much for getting the creative juices flowing.

“Well, duh” says the crowd

I looked up from my book and glanced around the room.

There wasn’t a skinny person in the building. Some folks were bigger than others, but every single person there was “large and in charge”.

But it hit me right then that environment was a big factor. Bigger than I ever considered. We choose our environments and from what I could see, this place was a choice that skinny people weren’t making. Duh, you’re saying.

Closed my book, got up, refilled my Diet Coke and left. Never again.

Crunches for your biz

Business habits are the same way. What change can you make today (not tomorrow, not a month from now) to start to turn your business around?

What habits and environments keep your business from being fit and in shape?

Good habits include reading, education, seeking out training, following up, taking in the right kind of speakers (either in person or via podcasts etc), constantly working to improve and being incessant about a focus on the customer.

Does your business have a gut or a 6 pack?

What change in environment and habits could start to turn that around?

2 replies on “A gut or a 6-pack?”

Hey, I love Five Guys but you’re very right. The environment does play a big factor for just about everything in life, and that’s especially true when it comes to business.

If you want a healthy business you need to develop good habits and watch the environment you put yourself in. I would say that my business doesn’t have a gut but it doesn’t have a full six pack yet, it definitely needs some more work.

I think a change in environment can help improve things for sure. Maybe a better office with more space.

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