About Rescue Marketing

Rescue Marketing helps small to medium businesses overcome the marketing, operations and technology challenges that keep most companies from achieving their goals.

When I ask business owners what they value most about the help I provide, a recurring answer is “Clarity. You give us the clarity no one else has been willing to offer.

Clarity isn’t about being in-your-face, abrasive or rude. It’s about asking tough, probing questions that business owners have rarely considered – questions that go to the core of mindset, process and systems needs of your business, your staff and your customers. It’s about serving as an advocate for your customers and the future of your business.

Your outcome is owning a more profitable, better organized business that runs well whether you’re there or not, serving customers so well that they can’t help but tell their friends, colleagues and peers about you.

Mark’s vision is that”Business is Personal”. Few things are more personal to a business owner, an employee and their family, a client or a supplier. Your business reflects your values and personal goals, how much you care about your clients, what’s important to you, what (in most cases) you truly love to do. Why wouldn’t it be personal?