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Who accepts the risk of buying from you?

Creative Commons License photo credit: Amanda Nicole Betley

If you don’t accept the risk and responsibility of a purchase, the customer automatically does.

How does that hurt your ability to get a product or service into the hands of someone who very much wants or needs it?

Consider these thought processes that might be going on in the mind of your prospective customer:

If I buy this and it doesn’t work out….I’m going to have to take the hit for this purchase decision from the big boss. I can’t take that risk because I’m due for a review next month and I really want a raise/a promotion/to keep my job.

If I buy this and it doesn’t work out…my spouse is going to blame me.

Are they going to take care of me when the bloom is off the rose (ie: after they have my money)?

Are you going to take the risk of explaining this purchase to my spouse if it goes south? Or am I still on the hook?

Or will you simply guarantee what you sell in a manner that eliminates risk as a concern in the buyer’s mind?

Sales are lost every day because the apparent risk is too high when compared with the trustworthiness of the salesperson, their company, the manufacturer backing the product, or the service provider.

While we signal that with little things that say and do, our guarantee and our history in backing it up goes a long way.

Who accepts the risk of buying from you?