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Amanda Palmer 1, Naysayers 0

Concierto Amanda Palmer and The Danger Ensemble, Sala [2]
Creative Commons License photo credit: alterna2

An ideal guest post for America’s Independence Day, Tech Dirt’s coverage of Amanda Palmer’s use of Twitter for grassroots marketing of her music (and other stuff). I hadn’t heard of her until reading the article.

Note: This is not a G-rated article, but it is instructive all the same.

The point of this is to think, much less think unconventionally, consider the resources you have available and most importantly, to communicate with your fans (even plumbers have fans, so don’t think that your business doesn’t).

Regarding naysayers: There will *always* be people who tell you you can’t do it, you can’t sell for that price, you’ll never make it, etc.

They might be partly right: perhaps they couldn’t.

The question isn’t what they can or can’t do, it is…  Can you?

One reply on “Amanda Palmer 1, Naysayers 0”

One of the dangers of being experienced is you know what failed before. And if you can’t understand that the system is now different and you retain the idea that x strategy won’t work you can miss opportunities. You need to understand why things failed, what conditions led to that failure, what new conditions may make such an attempt work now?

The internet continues to make many things possible that were not possible before. Directly appealing to very small targeted audiences was extremely difficult previously. Engaging them next to impossible. That is no longer the case.

There is nothing that prevents those with experience from applying that experience to new conditions. But many people seem to fail to do so. It is that failure that makes those with less experience (younger people) more effective in new spheres. Just don’t let yourself be one of those constrained by outdated ideas and there is no reason you can’t make this breakthroughs yourself.

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