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Apple TV, Asian Women and Your Business

Not what you’d expect, trust me.

Just a reminder that you should register the domain names for your tradenames / trademarks to protect yourself and your business from squatters.

For example, let’s assume you own a restaurant and you have a very popular menu item called “Tom’s Awesomely Canadian Cheesy Fries”.

If your restaurant is called House of Poutine and you own, I urge you to buy as well.

Do it even if you don’t plan to make a special site for your awesomely Canadian cheese fries. Worst case, buy the domain and have your website person do a permanent redirect (they call it a “301”) to your main site.

Why? (PG) illustrates the problem quite well.

All Apple had to do was spend 8 bucks a year (and do it first<g>) to avoid this.

I suggest you do the same.