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Are they sleeping well?

Do you know what’s going on in the minds of your customers?

We’ve been talking about invisible signals a lot lately, but sometimes the signals are far from invisible.

Back in the day, my software company called every customer once a month. We didn’t do it because it was fun. We did it because we felt it was critical that we knew what was on their mind and what their concerns were that month. A tiny side benefit of this frequent contact was that they didn’t expect every contact from us to be a sales call.

During these brief calls, we engaged in meaningful conversation to find out how things were going. Any concerns? Suggestions? Any upcoming issues that we need to be aware of? How’s business? Is your wedding season booking going well? (or whatever)

If you don’t know what’s on your customers’ minds, you’d better find out.

PS: Paying an ESL speaker to call them is the wrong solution, by the way. Whoever calls the client needs to be a native speaker in the client’s language – no matter what it is. This is not the place to save a buck.

2 replies on “Are they sleeping well?”

Actually, as simple as it sounds, this is a great idea. When I think of all the customers I have lost—even this month!— I realize what a good idea this really is.

I was looking through my sales reports last Monday and realized that the name of a seven-year customer was missing. Upon further research, I realized it had been missing for three months!

The good news (if you can call it that) is that he was ill and simply was not buying products in my field. I immediately contacted him, which helped solidify our relationship and he immediately began buying product again.

The bad news is that I have no system in place to tell me when any customer stops purchasing. That is just wrong wrong wrong! It will be fixed immediately.

Thanks for a great message.

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