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Are your headlines THIS good?

Believe it or not, I actually saw the headlines on this cover. Ok, I saw them SECOND, but I did notice them. I mean, it is Halle Berry and I do still have a heartbeat. Besides, the picture allowed me to see a couple of well-written headlines (over there on the left side of the cover, if you’re struggling to find em).

The first headline said: “If you had two days with HALLE BERRY, what would you do?”

I guess I’ll have to think about that before I decide, but in the meantime, I should note what a powerful headline that is.

At least I have an excuse. See, I was in the Salt Lake airport for almost 4 hours yesterday. I can only write so many blog posts, and catch up on so much coding in 3 or 4 hours. I was almost forced to walk into that gift shop. Really.

Anyhow, I was in one of the gift shops snagging a Diet Coke before getting on the little Canadair regional jet to Kalispell and was waiting for Nikki to ring me up when I spotted it. I remember Nikki’s name because she was actually friendly and a bit  chatty while taking my $ and making change. Or maybe she was trying to distract me from the magazine. Whichever the case, it was unusual for airport gift shop employee behavior. Many of em don’t say a word, much less make eye contact. I wonder if any of your people do that. I wonder if you know one way or the other.

Anyhow, the 2 headlines on the left, particularly the “two days with Halle” one, is a lesson to you. Magazine people know how to write headlines and you should pay attention to them. Go ahead and let your friends think you’re checking out the  girl on the Cosmo cover. Don’t tell them that these folks write some of the best headlines on the planet and you’re just looking for ideas. Guys, you KNOW you check out page 73 of Cosmo when the cover headline says “Secrets guys don’t want you to know…pg 73” (or whatever).

Point is, while Cosmo and Esquire are selling the world’s easiest thing to sell – they are still writing GREAT headlines. They could just as easily put a pic of Halle on the cover and left ALL the text off. But they didn’t. They left the text in just in case…

You, of course, have a different challenge. You’re selling ball bearings, trailer hitches, chocolate, body cream, IT services, human resources consulting, gourmet pizza, software and payroll cash advances. Your headlines have to work a little harder. These 2 should give you a little motivation. And maybe Halle will too.

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Mark, having been stuck in both Salt Lake & DFW for similar lengths of time, I’ll take Salt Lake every time. Anyone interested in the topic of better headline writing should read Brian Clark’s Had I remembered his lesson’s I probably wouldn’t have received the comment I did.



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