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Ask them to tell your story

Once it has been pointed out, most people understand that benefits / tangible results do a better job of generating interest in your products / solutions than a dry corporate list of bullet items.

It’s easy for you to say “If you use this, <something> will result.”

Some people will believe you.

More people will believe it when it comes from your customers in their own words, even if you have to prompt them to answer a question.

Give your customers a chance to tell your story.

They’ll often say it better than you do, especially when sharing what they gained from working with you.

4 replies on “Ask them to tell your story”

I always try to make things into a story but it’s not always that easy. It’s important to understand the dynamics of a story and it’s not always straight forward to transform something into some kind of narrative.

Sometimes things are just too simplistic. But it’s a good goal to have.

@ twinc – It’s not that hard to know your customers story if you do enough market research and try to understand the type of people your consumers are. I agree that giving your customers a chance to tell your story is the best route to go.

After we sell a home, we always ask our clients to write a testimonial for us for our website. It is fascinating to hear their story about their experience with us. It is humbling to hear their side of the story in their own words.

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