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Role reversal: Use it when crafting a product, service, story or ad

As with yesterday’s “I rescued a human” story, today I have another good example of role reversal to get into the conversation going on in your prospect’s head.

If you watch “traditional man television”, you may already have seen this commercial. You won’t likely find it playing during the soaps, or Oprah. It’s targeted at men and shown during shows and on networks that men are known to frequent.

Immerse yourself in your client or prospect’s situation. Once you’ve done that, the ad, letter, product or service will come to you far more easily.

Have a great Thanksgiving, and thank YOU for reading my blog.

One reply on “Role reversal: Use it when crafting a product, service, story or ad”

Excellent! I remember one particular difficult client that I needed them to test some software I wrote for them. When I mean “difficult” I don’t mean they were not good clients, they were just horrible at testing stuff. Bug reports like “It did not work” and “This sucks”. That certainly gives me exactly what I needed to go out and address deficit code.

I pleaded, instructed them, issued strong letters, nothing worked. Finally with nothing left to lose I said the following at a meeting:

“Please consider the sanity of your poor developer!”

I had nothing but usable bug reports ever since and the project completed more or less on time and on budget.

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