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Billings, Frogger & the Other “N Word”

Glacier Park, McDonald LakeAs you read this, I should be hopping down the Swan Highway (MT 83) towards Seeley Lake while trying to miss the gauntlet of 4 legged body shop revenue generators (ie: deer). Driving the Swan in the early morning or early evening – and especially after dark is like being the frog in a reality-show-version of Frogger where the logs, cars and turtles that the frog has to dodge have been replaced with deer, elk and moose. And I’m the frog.

Yep, I’m on the road today to Billings for my monthly GKIC coaching group there, which is always a highlight of my month.

In Billings, we have the meeting at coffee heaven, so by the time the meeting is over, I’ve got 2 things:

  1. A serious coffee buzz, which I didn’t really need after driving all day to Billings, because the method of preparation I use takes care of being jazzed and alert, and
  2. A tall cup of plain, black, but certainly not boring Joe that even at the end of the day is so good that I can drink it the next morning ice cold and it’s still terrific. Try that at StarBleahs.

But I digress:)

Since I’m on the road today, I thought I’d share a couple of my favorite Jonathan Fields posts today.

First, this trip is partly about losing a little bit of sleep, so I’ll include one about sleep (note the coffee thread above): (careful, the OTHER N word is in here)

Next, this trip is definitely about getting your brain in gear (what the 2nd Thursday of the month is always about), so I’ll also include

Normally the drive to Billings (and back) along with the monthly campout with the troop takes care of this last part for me, but there’s some good stuff in here too – except for #7. XBox-360 is fun to play with my kids but it burns holes in my old creaky eyes – not a stress reducer for me. Maybe I need a Wii, though Im not sure how that would help. Sure looks like fun though.

See you tomorrow.

PS: That’s no stock photo, it’s from last weekend’s troop campout in Glacier Park.

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