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Brookstone: Thinking like road warrior

Someone at Brookstone is paying attention.

Maybe it’s Brookstone policy. Maybe it’s the person that just happens to be running the Brookstone counter where Jason walked in.

No matter what, there’s a huge lesson in this brief comment from Jason Falls.

Brookstone rocks. Bought an iPad/iPhone backup battery unit. They said, "Would you like one fully charged for your flight?" Hell yeah!less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

You’re in an airport and you buy a battery. OF COURSE you want it charged.

Someone thought about this enough to actually have charged ones available.

Huge. This is the kind of thing you think of IN ADVANCE in order to make loyal fans out of “mere customers”.

How can you Brookstone your business like this?

3 replies on “Brookstone: Thinking like road warrior”

Glad that inspired a post. I was delighted when he offered. For the record, it was Chris at the Brookstone in Terminal K at O’Hare. Flat made my day since I was worried I wouldn’t have enough time to charge it before my flight to London! Thanks for sharing that with everyone. Hope it inspires something nice.

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