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The 17 questions they hope you’ll never ask

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An essential element of doing business in a competitive marketplace (is there a market that isn’t?) is taking every step possible that will show a prospective client that your business is the only logical choice to provide what they want/need.

Are you taking these steps now? How do you assert (much less prove) that you are THE one they need to do the work?

The obvious one is testimonials. We’ve talked about that many times. I print them all out and include them in the package I give to prospective clients.

Another obvious one is to be Google-able. When they Google your name (and they will), what will they find?

Your reputation and your work’s reputation are huge as well. We talk about improvement here at BIP almost every day.

What else can you do?

Beyond the Obvious

Here’s one example of what I offer potential technology clients: I give them a ready-made interview form to help them interview and evaluate potential technology consultants.

First, the instructions and evaluation form I provide to prospective clients. I call the interview “The 17 Questions Your Computer Consultant Hopes You’ll Never Ask”.

Next, I provide them with customizable forms I provide to prospective clients for their own use (Word 2007 or Word XP/2003). Free.

Finally, I provide them with a copy of the interview form that I have filled out about my business.

What are you doing to make yourself the obvious choice and thus, the only logical choice?

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