Internet marketing

Candidates, online marketing, and their takeaways for small business

Until November’s U.S. Presidential election, I’ll be watching the political candidates for you, but from a small business perspective.

One of the more interesting things I expect to have info on is the marketing used by the candidates, and what takeaways you can use in your business.

Most of this will be related to online marketing.

I’ve signed up on the email lists for Obama, Clinton, McCain, Paul, and Romney in order to see how sophisticated their online marketing is. Personalization, sequenced mail, localization, you name it.

We’ll also talk about how they gather info, what info they appear to find more important, and anything else pertinent to a small business that they are doing.

In order to see where my email address might find itself after being given to the candidates, I’ve used an alias to identify each candidate’s list. If I start getting emails from the RNC, DNC etc – I’ll know who passed it along.