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Outdoor businesses can make it easier to Pay, Pal.

A few posts ago, I mentioned making it easier for your customers to buy.

PayPal recently announced they have done just that – by offering PayPal payment capabilities for mobile phones that have browser capabilities.

My first thought was trade shows, but cell coverage inside trade show halls borders on worthless in many cases. A few other things quickly came up that made good sense…

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Restaurant Euthanasia

Lately, I’ve had a few interesting conversations with restaurant management and heard of a couple other conversations from those experiencing what I’ll call “restaurant euthanasia”.

The most bizarre conversations seem to occur with quality employees who can’t fathom what is going on at their store, so I’ll share those rather than private conversations (even though they are meatier<g>).

The common theme: It’s as if management is trying to off their store.

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Differentiating, educating and hammering

Ian over at Musings from a Catholic Bookstore did a great job of hammering the Chinese last week, in his post “Got to love the Chinese Government“.

Interesting thing was, it was a brilliant way of hammering on the Chinese while differentiating his store and educating his client̬le Рand it all happened in one post.