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Celebrating Business, and US Independence

It’s the 4th of July Independence Day holiday in the U.S., so I thought I’d find a piece about creating your own independence, rather than writing it myself.

The NY Times Sunday Magazine story on Rush Limbaugh is just perfect for that purpose.

Like him, dislike him, hate him or love him, you can’t help but admire his success as a business owner.

Yes, a business owner. Not a pundit, nor a preacher to the right, but a business owner.

More accurately, an entertainer.

If you just can’t bring yourself to read the story, consider this quote before you bail out:

â??Do you know what bought me all this?â? he asked, waving his hand in the general direction of his prosperity. â??Not my political ideas. Conservatism didnâ??t buy this house. First and foremost Iâ??m a businessman. My first goal is to attract the largest possible audience so I can charge confiscatory ad rates. I happen to have great entertainment skills, but that enables me to sell airtime.â?

Finally, if you don’t takeaway a lesson in positioning or marketing from it, well, you just aren’t reading hard enough.

Happy Independence Day, everyone.

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