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Coasting is not allowed. Not in the pool, not in business

Having just returned from the whirlwind that is the Montana State swim meet, I knew today’s post was going to be tardy.

When 651 kids from across the state get in a pool and compete for two days, there’s always a gem to take home.

Yesterday, I watched a kid who hadn’t lost a race all season lose a state championship by a few inches. Lost because they coasted into the wall, something I hadn’t seen them do all year long.

And later, I saw someone else win their heat because they didn’t coast. They didn’t assume it was over until they hit the wall. Had they coasted into the wall over that last foot or two, they would have been third instead of first. It was that close.

Champions finish the race. They don’t coast just because they’re in the lead and the finish line is almost within reach.

And just as I finish writing this, someone else says in an unrelated conversation: “A crushing defeat of your competitor today is a message to future competitors.”

That one’s a bonus. See you tomorrow.

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