CommentLuv dishes out the link love

You may notice a new addition to the comment form – “CommentLuv” (No, I didn’t name it).

It’s a little carrot to encourage you to share your thoughts here in the blog.

When you add a comment to the Business is Personal blog, CommentLuv looks at the URL you provide and tries to find a blog feed. If it does, it’ll include a link to your last blog post. IE: a little bit of link love.

FYI, I refuse to use REL=NoFollow (the WordPress default setting for links), which tells Google “ignore the fact that this is an inbound link when calculating the PageRank of the site that the link goes to”. I don’t think it’s a very nice way to treat someone who comments on your blog, so I’ve turned it off.

One reply on “CommentLuv dishes out the link love”

Hi Marc,

Michael from Germany here.

Welcome to the comentLuv-Community of givers and receivers … lol

I just wanted to compliment you on your slogan or blogmotto.

I like it very much. And i agree: Businesss is personal!

A lot of problems wouldn’t exist if all business owners, managers, employees etc would act with this motto in mind.

Keep the good work up …*-)


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