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Crabs in the House, Yo!

Crabs In The House Yo!
Creative Commons License photo credit: Sister72

We’ve been talking about little things you can do to bump your business’ revenue and today’s applies to businesses who have a “brick and mortar” location.

Look at the photo. If you drove by this business and remembered that you wanted them to cater a business lunch, what would you do next?

You’d probably call them. Or you might call Jott and leave yourself a reminder to call them.

Except…there’s no number on the sign.

I can’t tell you how many businesses I drive by these days where there is no phone number on their sign, but I can say this: It’s a LOT of them.

Like the corners of my mind

I’m not 29 anymore . It’s not unusual to drive by a business and have that act remind me that I need to do some business with them (personal business, not client work). Naturally this happens when I don’t have time to stop right that minute.

15 or 20 years ago, this might not have been as big a deal since most people didn’t have cell phones.

Nowadays the percentage of people who have mobile phones is huge. When people drive by your place, they remember that they need to do something. If they don’t have time to stop right then, they will often call to see if something is in stock, to make an appointment or some such.

If your number isn’t on the sign, they can’t call or write it down, which means your business gets driven by one more time without someone taking action.

It seems like such a little thing – but I see it SO frequently that I can’t help but wonder if it hurts your business.