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Meating expectations

When I first came across this meat vending machine, the comment I read introducing it was something along the lines of “Do we *really* need this?”

If this butcher has customers who do shift work – or anything that keeps them from visiting the shop during business hours- it’s worth a try.

Perhaps he had a lot of customer comments about his hours from shift workers and this was how he decided to serve them.

Perhaps it only serves custom pre-paid orders. You don’t really know, but if it works for the shopkeeper and their customers, who cares?

The real question is what can you borrow (and change to suit your needs) from another line of work in order to better serve your customers?

3 replies on “Meating expectations”

I clicked through your link and read the article on springwire. I think this is definitely revolutionary and it had me wondering why no other butcher shop has thought about this before.

Izarzugaza borrowed a marketing strategy and made it to suit their own needs. Seeing this really does open my mind to look at other industries, see what they are doing and try to apply it to my line of work.

I wonder if any butcher shops in the US have been doing this, or if they will begin to set up their own meat vending machines in the near future.

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