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Customers: Not the enemy

If your customers are treated like the enemy when they give feedback about your products, services, customer service and so on; that’s exactly what they’ll become.

How are you treating your customers when something you did (or something they *perceive* of you) manages to set them off?

It’s easy to take it personally…but do your best not to.

The high-value feedback you might normally miss out on is hiding right behind the bluster.

It’s often the most valuable you’ll get. It’s coming from a customer who cares in a vulnerable moment.

Soak it in. Thank them. And take action.

PS: That doesn’t mean you let people become abusive. Defuse, then discover.

3 replies on “Customers: Not the enemy”

Defuse, then discover is putting it exactly right. Some people think “I don’t have to take that” and resort to that meaning I have to break contact. Just because you don’t have to take abusive behavior doesn’t mean you should manage the situation to bring an end to the abusive behavior and find a positive outcome.

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